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Case Studies

Our Successes

For over a decade, we’ve been creating unique product sampling experiences for a diverse range of clients. We’ve helped our clients to be heard in the market and got brands speaking directly to their customers – through a combination of creative sampling strategists and a world-class team of promotional staff.


Fireball Blitz

Talent Tree team executed a bar blitz in 170 markets throughout the US in a single night, each market executed in 10 bars, each market had a lead and a brand ambassador, each activation included other administrative time totaling 26 hours per market/activation

Brand: Fireball 

Markets Requested: 188, 170 executed

Talent Needed:  2 per activation (1 lead, 1 BA)

Hours Per Activation:

26 hrs (talent and agency billable hours - 1 night/10 bars)

Timeline: 11 days notice 

Program Duration: one night blitz

Accounts Per Activation: 10 bars








“I have enjoyed my experience working with Talent Tree.  They are extremely professional and responsive to our specific needs.  We often ask a lot of them and sometimes with very short notice and Priscilla and her Team are always there to deliver!  The dedication, organization and awareness of Talent Tree is truly remarkable.  I would not hesitate to recommend Talent Tree to anyone looking to add to their event execution.”

Amy Woodul, South Business Unit Operations Director

Constellation Brands Beer Division 

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